Marian Rivera loves to do household chores

Marian loves to do household chores

A Magazine got to interview GMA’s Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes, and they asked some pretty good questions.

They asked Marian, “If you need to wear a costume for halloween, what will you choose, Darna, Dyesebel, Marimar or Super Inday?”

Marian answers it will be Marimar, because she got her big break with Marimar and she is forever grateful for it.

“Marimar. The show gave me my big break in showbiz. It is the reason why people love and supported me.”

“I will never forget Marimar, i will carry that role forever. Until now, there are people calling me Marimar. I’m very thankful.”

The second question they asked Marian, is what is her favorite household chores. Marian said she love to mop, vacuum and do the laundry.

“I love to to vacuum, mop the floor and do the laundry. Whenever i’m not busy with work i can clean the house, i do it myself.”

Marian said she grew up independent and her grandmother taught her to do household chores. “I grew up independent without a house helper.”

Is there a period of time that Marian think she is ugly?

Marian said it’s all about your attitude and how you carry yourself. “Every morning, look at the mirror and tell yourself ‘Good Morning!’ It’s how you carry yourself.”

Marian believes in Postive Thinking.

“If you have a pimple, that’s fine. Concealer will do. We should think positive everyday. If you start your day positive, your day will end positive as well.”

Very well said Marian! We couldn’t agree more! Such a role model.