Baby Zia’s Top 5 Most Liked Costumes

Baby Zia’s most liked costumes

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s daughter Maria Letizia has definitely charmed everyone.

With her charming smile, beautiful face and witty personality, hence she is the most liked celebrity baby on Instagram.

Her photos received hundred thousands of like just hours after posting it. And got thousands of thousands comments from fans, netizens and celebrities.

Her photos are always going viral. People simply adore Maria Letizia because she gives us good vibes and can brighten up our day.

So, here are the most liked costumes of Baby Zia on Instagram.

1. Zia in Hot Pink Filipiniana for Linggo ng Wika – This photo currently has 644K likes on Instagram.

2. Zia in a purple ballet outfit – Zia took ballet class during the summer. This photo has 622K likes.

3. Zia as Batgirl for Halloween – This photo of Zia as Batgirl with her parents Dingdong and Marian as Batman and Catwoman has 465K likes.

4. Zia as Marilyn Monroe – for her school’s 35th anniversary, Zia dressed as Marilyn Monroe and her photo got 418K likes on Instagram.

5. Zia in kimona – Zia wears a Kimona for United Nation Day. This photo was just posted by her Mom this morning and it has 300K likes already.

Zia is indeed the most liked local celebrity baby on Instagram!

Congrats Zia!