Carla Abellana’s reaction when told she look like Marian Rivera

Carla Abellana’s reaction when told she look like Marian Rivera.

The newest Kapuso tv series Pamilya Roces starring Carla Abellana started airing last Monday. The press got to interview her during the presscon for the show.

Carla was asked about her and Marian’s similarities. Some netizens pointed out that they look-a-like.

The press asked her how does she feel whenever people say she look like Marian.

“I always say thank you.” She answered.

She said ever since she started showbiz, people came up to her to say she can be sisters with Marian.

“Since the first day of my showbiz career people have been telling me ‘You and Marian can be sisters.'”

Carla is thankful that she gets associated with Marian and people think they look-a-like.

“I always say thank you, atleast i got to be associated with Marian that i look like her. Or we can be sisters.”

She also said that she wishes to work with Marian. Whether be it on TV or in Movies.

“I also wish to work with her for a project, it hasn’t happened yet. But there are a lot of possibilities whether on TV or a Movie. Maybe in God’s perfect time.”

Pamilya Roses is a story about families, about a Padre de Pamilya who has first, second and third family. Carla said she can definitely relate to the story.

Her father Rey PJ Abellana also has three families but Carla and her family is the first one.