Marian Rivera defends Kathryn Bernardo

Marian Rivera defends Kathryn Bernardo

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo received criticism when entertainment blogger Fashion Pulis posted a comparison photos of Marian Rivera and Kathryn Bernardo both wearing similar white halter gowns.

Post like “Who wore it better?” Often starts toxic discussions. As fandoms were pit againts eachother.

But DongYans and Kathniels actually have a good relationship. Both fandoms are very respectful to one another.

The criticism came from other fans not from DongYans nor Kathniels.

Everyone knows that Kathryn is like a sister for Marian. They both work together in Endless Love 8 years ago.

Kathryn played as the young Marian Rivera for the series.

A fan post posted a clarification regarding FP’s post. She wrote “Hi, to those asking me if the mag-ate, Marian and Kath wore the same dress, NO, hindi po!

Same color Yes but different designer, different style and cuts. Both are stunning, no comparison just don’t mind all the bashers in FP’s page.

We know naman kung saang fandom galing yun. Bitter lang sila because their faves wore international brand, the other nag costume pa pero si Kath pa rin who wore simple white long dress. So good vibes lang dapat. DongYan x KathNiel tayo.”

To stop the criticism against Kathryn, Marian replied to the post and said, “There’s no issue if we are wearing a similar dress. Besides, I love Kath.” Marian said.

Kathniel fans applauded Marian for defending Kathryn. They replied to Marian and thanked her for loving Kathryn like a sister.

As DongYan fans? We encourage everyone to not participate in discussion post like “Who wore it better?”

It is toxic and unhealthy. It only create negativity and fights between fans and supporters. And it also giving trolls and haters a way to do what they do best.. Spread negativity.

Let’s spread positivity instead.