Mama Marian trying to convince Zia to walk

Mama Marian trying to convince Baby Zia to walk

Baby Zia who is usually always in a good mood and smiling all the time was kind of grumpy when she act as flower girl fof a wedding.

Her photo where she look so serious posted by her father Dingdong Dantes went viral in social media.

Because even though Zia is frowning she is still so beautiful and cute. Zia was not in the mood because of her dress, apparently she does not want to wear it because the texture of the dress is making her itchy.

Mama Marian only got her to wear it after sweet-talking her. Because of her itchy dress she contemplate whether she will walk or not.

There was a video posted by Hiyori on facebook where Marian was talking to Zia trying to make her walk down the aisle.

Mama Marian was explaining to her what she needs to do. But Zia who’s already not in the mood don’t want to walk because moving with her dress makes her itchy.

So instead of walking, Daddy Dong just carried his little princess down the aisle. Here’s the video.

In other news, Marian Rivera already started rehearsing for their upcoming show in Anaheim California.

She rehearsed yesterday with the rest of the cast like Aiai Delas Alas, Julie Anne San Josa, Christian Bautista. The dynamic duo of Tekla and Donita Nose rehearsed as well.

The cast is set to fly to california on friday october 5. Kapusong Pinoy Paskuhan at Katatawanan show is already sold out.

It will be held at the grove in Anaheim California. On october 7. The cast promised that they will do a very hilarious show.

This is GMA’s early Christmas offering for our kababayan. It’s going to be a night full of laughter for sure!