Dingdong Dantes shows his dance moves

Dingdong Dantes shows his dance moves

Dingdong Dantes is one of the groomsmen of Irwin Tieng. One of his close friend and business partner.

While his daughter Maria Letizia is one of the flower girls. Dingdong accompanied Zia and carried her because Zia is not in the mood to walk.

Mommy Marian came with Daddy Dong and Zia. Aftee the wedding Dingdong and Marian attended the reception at the Marriott Hotel.

Marian also debut her growing baby bump. She looks beautiful and radiant. Here’ Mr. And Mrs. Dantes..

Daddy Dingdong showed his dance skills and do some groomsman’s duties by leading the dance number of the groomsmen.

He showcase his signature dance, the butterfly dance. Girls love it so much they scream their lungs off.

Who wouldn’t right? Dingdong was part of the 90’s dance group Abztract dancers. And years later he still got it!

In other news, with the announcement of Dingdong and Marian’s second pregnancy. Dingdong made a statement about his political plans as well.

A lot of people are asking if I will be running in the coming elections, and a lot of people are also waiting for a formal answer.” He said.

“The opportunity to serve as Commissioner-at-Large of the National Youth Commission, and opportunity to help through YesPinoy Foundation and YesPH Community Development, are some of the reasons that inspire me to continue my public service work.”

But he said, being a public servant is a heavy responsibility.

“I believe that being a public servant is a heavy responsibility that should be studied, be ready for, and most of all, prayed over.”

But because Marian is pregnant, he decided that this is the time to support his wife’s second pregnancy.