Marian wait for Zia at school for 3 hours everyday

Marian wait for Zia at school for 3 hours everyday.

Philippine Entertainment Portal got to interview Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes.

PEP got to talk to her during a press conference last September 6 for Canesten. A new product she endorses.

Marian has been receiving so many blessings these past years, Hence she has so many accomplishments on her personal and professional life. 

Is there anything else she wish for?

“You know what? I believe people have endless dreams. We even dreams about simple things.” She said.

“We even dreams about simple opportunities. But i believe, a time will come that you will become contented in life.”

“When you feel like you have received so much or you feel like you experience it all. I think we should learn to be steady and contented. Be thankful for what you have.”

“Sometimes things that you don’t expect is what you will receive in life.” Marian said.

Marian believe she has found contentment with her family. “For me, i cherish what i have and i maximize it.”

“Because i am so blessed with my family. I found joy and happiness with my familym i am contented.”

“My endorsements who trust me, my friends who will always be there for me. They are bonus for me.”

“But the most important in my life is the family i have.”

Here’s a little fun fact about Marian. She loves to write.

“When i’m not busy, specially when i am waiting at Zia’s school. I write. I wait for her for 3 hours.”

Marian said she write about many things, her dreams for Zia and her family. “I love writing about the things i wish to happen.”

I am sure there are a lot of Mommies out there who can relate to Marian. Who wait for hours for their children at school.

Though she is a superstar she is also supermom.