Marian Rivera admits she is obsessed with Zia

Super Mom Marian Rivera-Dantes opens up about her family life.

Some press got to interview Marian and asked a series of personal questions about her husband and her daughter Zia.

Now that they have a baby girl, does it cause major changes in their lives?

Marian said it definitely change a lot of things. “Yes it change a lot, before it’s just the two of us. Now we have baby. We need to balance everything.”

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She said she is grateful because her husband Dingdong is very patience. Most of the time her attention is on Zia.

“When your a Mom, you don’t realize it but your only focus is your child. All your attention is on your child.”

“I’m thankful to my husband because he is the one who is very patience. He never complain.”

But Marian admitted sometimes Dingdong will make lambing. So balancing herself between Dingdong and Zia is very important.

It’s hard at first she said, because she was obsessed with Zia and all she do all day is stare at her. But now everything works well.

And Marian and Dingdong are looking forward to Baby number 2. They are both hopeful that soon Zia’s wish will come true.