Dingdong’s cute revelation about Marian

Dingdong’s cute revelation about Marian

There is a misunderstanding about Marian’s statement last week regarding Dingdong running.

Many assumed that Dingdong will run for senatorial position, news started to spread that Dingdong will run under Liberty Party .

But Dingdong quickly disples the rumors when he answered Ogie Diaz that he will not run as a senator.

Dingdong will indeed run, but not as a senator but for the Color Run Hero Tour 2018. Marian will be joining Dingdong as well. It will happen on November 11, 2018.

There are rumors going around social media that Marian is expecting. There is no confirmation yet from Marian and Dingdong if it’s true.

Here’s a look back, of one of DongYan’s sweet interview. Ricky Lo asked Dingdong how Marian make ‘Lambing.’

Dingdong answered that even though we see Marian as a sexy strong woman, sometimes she is like a baby.

“Even though you see her as this super sexy and beautiful woman, and has strong personality. But sometimes she becomes a baby.”

Marian’s reaction is so funny. Here’s the video.