Marian Rivera’s new version of budots

Marian’s new version of budots

Sunday Pinasay did a new segment called “The Flush” where Marian’s character Brenda is one of the judges.

Brenda taught another version of budots.

Marian Rivera will have a new TVC and guess who will be joining her?

None other than her Grandmother Nanay Inkang. Marian proudly posted on her Instagram account that she has a new tvc coming with her Nanay.

She also posted some behint the scene photo on her IG Stories of Nanay with her very own glam team.

Meanwhile, Marian feels like she won the lottery when her daughter Maria Letizia won Best in Costume.

Zia’s school recently celebrated it’s 35th anniversary with a hollywood theme party. Hence Zia dressed like Marilyn Monroe.

Marian was Zia’s stylist and her Daddy Dingdong Dantes was the official photographer.

Marian is very proud that Zia won The Best Costume. All their effort and hard work paid off.

Marian said as a Mother she will do anything for her child.