Marian impersonates Zia and tells the story behind her selfie

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes just shared a new campain for Biofit.

As one of the most trusted endorsers in the philippines biofit tea is just one of the many products endorsed by Marian.

She shared this photo for her new campaign. Haggard? Never! Feel sexy all day with biofit!

Maria Letizia Dantes is just 2 and half years old, but she is so advance and smart for her age.

At 2 and a half years old she already knows how to make selfies. Her Momma called it, “Zelfie”. Zia was caught by her Mom last week taking a selfie using her Daddy’s phone.

Zia is such a pro, she knows how to hold the camera and how to pose. She is beyond adorable. Marian shared the story behind the selfie at last week to fans while waiting for her segment.

She said that she was surprised at Zia’s antics while taking a selfie. Dingdong told her to take a video of Z. This vid was taken yesterday, Aug 5 during Sunday Pinasaya’s break.

Marian even impersonated how Zia takes her zelfie. So adorable!