Secret to Marian Rivera’s sexy body

Marian Rivera is definitely one of the most beautiful faces in the showbiz. Aside from her beauty, she really has a hot body. And even if she already has a daughter, if you look at her she looks like she absolutely has no children!

Now, Yan shares her secret for getting back her body.

Marian shared she really wants to be fit for her daughter Zia.

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Yan says, “Before I did not exercise too much. I’m exercising but I do not care much about it. But this time with Zia I say I want to be healthy, not because I want to be sexy. No, I want to be healthy for my Zia. “


Yan said, “Now I’m active in doing Crossfit almost every day except Sundays because I have Sunday PinaSaya. I can’t wake up at 4am. So there, I do crossfit and maybe with the right food, everything is possible. I want lots of kids and to do that, I need to be healthy.

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Most of the time we work out together and we have a lot of goals and one is to have another baby.”

Marian said they are really trying their best to have another baby. She shared that if God wills it then they will be happy. But it will still be up to Him.