VIDEO: Zia sings Grow Old with you

Maria Letizia Dantes, also known as Zia was caught on cam singing “Grow Old with you.”

The daughter of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera made a buzz on social media just after uploading the video a few hours ago.

Zia’s cuteness is overflowing.

Zia also enrolled in a ballet class and the proud parents share the photos of Zia in her ballet costume. She looks so cute in her ballet in her ballet class.

Zia defnitely has a star potential. Marian said that she wants Zia to study and graduate first before entering showbiz.

The Kapuso Primetime also shared that Zia likes to sing and dance. Zia is turning 3 this November and Marian hopes that she will get pregnant again this year.

Marian is the only child so she wants Zia to have a sibling.

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are really trying hard in wanting to have a sibling for Zia.

They recently went on a quick vacation in Lipa, Batangas just to swim and maybe have some quality time. It was just the two of them. No Zia.

Well, Dingdong will have projects here and there because he has a TV series and there’s a movie he’s about to do! As long as the two jobs still give Dong and Yan time together, they have to take advantage of the remaining days to make sure they will get Baby no. 2 soon!

Next month, August, the couple will be celebrating their birthdays. Why not gift each other with babies!

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