The most rewarding thing for DongYan as Zia’s parents

The most rewarding thing for DongYan as Zia’s parents

The good-looking Dantes family Daddy Dong (Jose Sixto Gonzalez Dantes lll, aka Dingdong). Mommy Yan (Marian Rivera Gracia) and Baby Z (Maria Letizia, aka Zia) couldn’t ask for anything more these days.

Zia, three years old at press time, specifically wants a baby brother. And her mom and dad are already gearing up to give her one.

“We are always ready.” Dong laughed. “Ofcourse Yes, When we got Married that’s what we want to start a family and many children. So in God’s time.. we have to also prepare ourselves.”

For her part, Marian promises to give showbiz work a rest after her drama-fantasy series Super Ma’am is over, so she can prepare for that magpalaki ng pamilya goal: “i told myself after Super Maam i should take time for myself and my family, try to have another baby and expand our family.”

“I also need to take care of myself to be healthy, if i’m tired and stressed how can we have a new baby right?”

But until a baby sibling arrives, the
parents are focusing all of their attention
on Zia.

Dingdong who called Zia heaven sent, says that every little thing that Zia does now is his and his wife’s source of pure joy.

“Kahit yung paunti unti niyang kakulitan, whenever she sings something that surprises me i didn’t know she knows how to sing it, it is very rewarding for the parents. Walang kapalit na kahit anong kaligayahan.”