Why finding good school for Zia is important for Marian

Why finding good school for Zia is important for Marian

Marian says she’s really in love with motherhood. “I really love it, i don’t care what the haters are saying, i look so old, my boobs are saggy, i don’t care.”

Marian also talked about the importance of being hands-on parents,”It’s a huge factor that i am very hands-on. Me and Dong are all out and hands-on to Zia. Because i feel like if we rely so much to a yaya her development will not be like this.”

“I am very happy that i am giving her all the time, her personality and being smart is priceless for me.”

Blessed with her parent’s good looks, Baby Z is also growing up to be a charming, smart, and talkative little human being. She’s so adorable that her parents are having a hard time trading work with Zia quality time. Using modern parlance, they call this sepanx,
or separation anxiety.

“Every second i am at work i am missing her, at home all my attention are for her.” Dong admitted. Marian, who has breastfed Zia since
birth, says things are even harder for her:
“If i have back to back work, i will leave while she is asleep and when i got home late at night she is already sleeping, it makes me sad.. it’s very hard for me.” Marian shared.

“And when i am not beside her, she wakes up and get up early, but when i’m home and still at bed she is also at bed with me. There are times that i have long hours of work, barely have any sleep she will wake me up in the morning, “Mama wake up na, let’s play.” Even though i am very tired and sleepy i never say no to her i will get and play with her.

“But you know it will not be forever, whatever we are doing now we are doing it for Zia, for our family. We are working for the future, for Zia and for whatever we want to give her.”

“What important is to find a good school for Zia, because school will be a big factor for your child’s personality development. Ofcourse we will give the best for her.”