Marian Rivera visits elementary school

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes went to General Roxas Elementary School for Aji-ginisa project “Pinggang Pinoy.”

Now you ask, what is “Pinggang Pinoy” accordingto the website of Food and Nutrition Research Institution,” Pinggang Pinoy is a new, easy-to-understand food guide that uses a familiar food plate model to convey the right food group proportions on a per-meal basis to meet the body’s energy and nutrient needs of adults.”

“Pinggang Pinoy serves as visual tool to help Filipinos adopt healthy eating habits at meal times by delivering effective dietary and healthy lifestyle messages.”

“The visual guide called Pinggang Pinoy will answer the question of how much you should eat in one meal in order to be healthy. It will also serve as a quick and easy guide for determining how much to eat per meal time.”

Marian Rivera’s Manager posted an update on his Instagram account thanking everyone who listened and joined in the project lead by Aji-ginisa.

“Maraming Salamat po sa nakinig at nakiisa sa proyektong isinusulong ng AJI-GINISA, Ang “Pinggang Pinoy”. Ito ay ang pagkain ng tama at balanse na hindi mahal at ikalulusog ng ating katawan. Kasama ninyo kami at si Marian Rivera sa pagsulong nitong adhikain ng Malusog na Pinoy.” He said.

He also shared the following photos..

Marian was warmly welcomed by the students of General Roxas elementary School, they went out from their class rooms to cheer for Marian as Marian walked to the gymnasium.

Marian was delighted and greeted them back with a smile and wave.

During the Question and Answer with Marian, she was asked by the host what are the challenges she faces when cooking for her family.

She said that sometimes Dingdong and Zia want different food to eat. So that’s the challenge for her.

“Minsan ayan din ang challenging sa mga nanay eh, minsan iba ang gusto ng asawa mo sa anak mo. Ayun ang challenge para sa akin.” She said.

Marian will be visiting more school for Aji-ginisa Pinggang Pinoy project. who know’s maybe she will next visit your school.