DongYan Don’t lie to me

Here is a wayback wednesday for you all..

8 years ago back in 2010, Now husband and wife Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes did a segment on Showbiz Central called “Don’t lie to me.”

Do you guys remember that show? Where the guest was literally put on and connected on a lie detector machine? That was being operated by a real NBI officer.

Dingdong and Marian did a special segment of Don’t lie to me back in 2010, where they were both strap in a lie detector machine and asked one another questions instead of the host.

One of the questions asked by Dingdong to Marian is if she really don’t care about Dingdong back in Marimar Days.. Marian answered “Yes” and the lie detector said it was a “Lie”.

And Marian put Dingdong on the spot and asked him if it’s true that he asked Marian’s Dad permission to marry Marian when they visited him on Spain.

Dingdong said “No.” and the lie detector said it was a “Lie” as well.

Back then, we were all kilig and hope and wish the lie detector machine is legit and for real. Nobody knows if it’s 100% true.

But now, we know.. in 2014 we found out that the Lie detector is real and legit. When Dong admitted that he was indeed asked for Marian’s handa to her Dad and he wanted to proposed to her in spain.

And that he always carries the ring with him waiting for the perfect timing.

And Marian admitted that she has indeed feelings for Dingdong back then but she was not entertaining it.

Here are it is again, now that DongYan are married and have Zia it’s nice to look back and watch old interviews..