Zia is very friendly

There are many instant that Zia shows her friendliness. She is not shy and very talkative.

She always smile and wave to the the fans anf also talked to them.

Marian said in an earlier interview that Zia got her friendliness to her father, Dingdong Dantes, and Zia’s sweetness she got from her.

She was told by the press that she is friendly too not just sweet. Marian answered them, “Hayaan mo na. Para meron namang karakter na nakuha si Zia kay Dong”

She added, “Kasi, lahat na lang daw, sa akin. Ibigay mo na sa asawa ko ‘yung isa. Hahaha”

She said Zia is naturally friendly shd always smile and say Hi to people.

Here is another cute friendly moment of Zia, she was talking to the fans, look at her beautiful smile..

And before leaving she gave them a high five.. so cute and adorable..