Sunday Pinasaya sings Puso ng Saya

It’s the start of the anniversary month of Sunday Pinasaya.

To celebrate it’s 3rd year anniversary, they will give an award to the most outstanding filipino who personified “Puso ng Saya”.

The mission of Sunday Pinasaya for the past 3 years is to give joy and happiness whole heartedly.

Sunday Pinasaya believe that every filipino personified “Puso ng Saya.” Becaus whatever we go through life we can still smile and laugh.

That is why in the 3rd year anniversary of Sunday Pinasaya, they will once again give tribute to the special individual who’s mission in life is tp give joy and happiness.

It is called “Puso ng Saya” Award.

You can watch the stories of the awardees next week on Sunday Pinasaya.

Here are the cast of Sunday Pinasaya singing “Puso ng Saya.”