Dong, Marian and Zia spotted at the Mall

Fans were so excited when they saw this gorgeous couple with their beautiful baby walking around a mall in Makati.

It turns out that this gorgeous couple and their baby is none other than The Dantes Family, Dingdong, Marian and Zia.

Though the fans were excited to see them, they did not approach DongYan and Zia for a photo as they don’t wanna invade or disturb them. So she just snapped a photo.

Dingdong was carrying Zia in his arms, while Mommy Marian was holding Daddy Dong’s other arms.

Netizens were amazed how simple they were, Marian and Dong were just wearing a plain white t-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

Marian’s hair was just in a ponytail, while Zia was wearing a pink dress. But it was undeniable how gorgeous and beautiful their family is.

We heard that Dingdong will soon start his new tv series, it was rumored that Dennis Trillo will be one of his co-stars.

He is also busy with his new weekly show Amazing Earth, While Marian is busy with Sunday Pinasaya and will be doing a new movie soon.