Marian Rivera’s secret to smelling fresh

Trust and friendship are the reason why Marian Rivera is a favorite endorser of many products such as like Hana Shampoo. Well, in the new product campaign, she has a fresh challenge to use shampoo even for just once a day.

“I always see to it that I have a good relationship with my endorsement team. Thanks to their confidence, “Yan said in renewal of her contract.

Hey, in her new TV commercial, it’s not just her hair that pretty. It’s also her ridiculously white underarms.

“I also do not know. When I got pregnant with Zia, it did not darken. But maybe because she’s a girl. But they say, ‘When it’s a boy, there is a chance for your underarms to darken. So if it darkens, I’ll accept it if in return I get a baby boy. Why not? “Yan said.

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In that event, she has a raffle offer from her business Flora Vida by Marian. Her flower is always fresh indeed, to say the least. 😉

“Yes, my flowers are really fragrant! Ha! Ha! Ha! “Exclaimed Maran in a naughty way.

When it comes to work, Dong will start his projects first but in their episode ofTadhanalast week, many were amazed by her.

Marian shared that Dingdong had mentioned a project he wants to direct her for. It’s a two-day taping but a one episode show.

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Is it true that Hana’s sales will reach P1B when she became the endorser?

“Is it true? Is there a bonus for that? Ha! Ha! Ha! “Replies Yan Yan.