Jerald Napoles got into a fight for Marian

Jerald Napoles almost got in trouble when he fought for Marian Rivera when she got harassed from a place they went to.

A foreigner took hold of Yan’s backless dress and and Jerald got immediately annoyed.

According to Jerald, he was dealing with a foreigner who immediately hit him and so he was also quick to throw punches.

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However, a friend was able to stop him. He joked that even if he is an actor, he gladly plays Marian’s bodyguard.

“It’s a good thing that someone had stopped me. It’s good that there are also bouncers who stopped the brawl,”Jerald shared in his interview with the press interview in the coming movie ‘The Write Moment’.

But now, he said he is more careful and tries to be more patient when he drinks out.

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In this movie, Jerald will play the lead and not just a sidekick or supporting actor.

Jerald also is the leading man of Marian Rivera in Super Ma’am.