MARIAN: “Kung para sakin, para sakin.”

Marian Rivera does not close the door for a chance that someday, when she and her husband Dingdong Dantes decides to lie low on showbiz and want a quieter life, they will live in Spain where her father lives.

Marian revealed that they are considering sending Zia to study in Spain when she grows older. And of course, the two of them will also be with their daughter.

Meanwhile, this Saturday, June 23, is the first anniversary of Tadhana on GMA and for the first time Marian will perform as an actor and not just a host, and first time as well, the director of the episode is Dingdong himself.

It also served as a reunion of three Dyesebel stars; Lotlot de Leon will play as her sister in this episode.

In 2008, GMA released Dyesebelwhere Marian played a mermaid, Dingdong was the leading man as Fredo and Lotlot was Banak, the mermaid who took care of Dyesebel under the sea.

Meanwhile, Marian was asked a hypothetical question: If Dingdong was tasked to direct a project and she saw that the role fits her but is assigned to someone else, will she take the role?

It was compared with the A Quiet Place wherein initially, there was a different actress who will act as the lead star in the movie starred in and directed by John Krasinski but when Emily Blunt felt that the role suited her, she found a way to get the role.

John and Emily were married in real life.

However, according to Marian, “Hindi kougalingmang-agawng project!”

“Kung ano ‘yung para sa akin, para sa akin. So kung ‘yung project na ‘yun ay para na sa iba, hindi ko gagawin na agawin iyon para lang magkaroon ako ng project.

“Naniniwalaakona kung para sa akin, para sa akin, hindi ko kailangang mang-agaw o ilagayang ganoong sitwasyon sa sarili ko.”

[I don’t steal projects. Whatever is for me, is for me. If the project is for someone else, I will not steal the project just so I can have one. I believe that whatever is for me, will be mine. I don’t need to steal anything or put myself in that situation.]

There is a movie for Marian this year but she does not want to reveal details about it.