Zia looking for Batman at the Batcave

Zia looking for Batman at the Batcave

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are back in Palawan to celebrate Father’s Day. For Dong, Palawan is the best.

“For both of us, Palawan is very significant, because we shot Dyesebel here. So we have many activities together there that we want to go back to.”Dong said in the media launch of his hosting program Amazing Earth.

Where will their second baby be made? Also in Palawan? “Ha! Ha! Ha! “He exclaimed. “Sana, sana! Ha! Ha! Ha! “Added Primetime King.

Aside from Amazing Earth, he will go to Singapore on June 24 for the celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

The Dantes Family are currently exploring beautiful caves in Palawan..

Daddy Dong posted this funny video of Zia looking for Batman.. well she knows Batman lives in a Batcave and they are in a batcave. She is so smart.

She asked her parents, “Where is Batman?” While she look around the cave looking for batman.

So adorable.. watch below.