Zia was jealous when her Mom hugged her Dad

Zia was jealous when her Mom hugged her Dad

The Kapuso power couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera is known to have excellent skills in dancing, does it even surprise anyone that Zia seems to have inherited these special talents?

“Let’s see. Let’s see, if she has a talent of her own.

How did he feel watching Zia in a ballet class?

He said with conviction, “Anyone in my position would probably be proud of their kid.”

Here is a video we never posted before, i am sure this will make you all smile.

When Marian kind of lie down and hugged her husband Dingdong, Zia who was in the other side of the hall saw it..

Zia: Mama..
Marian: Ano yun anak?
Zia: Don’t lie down on Dad..
Marian: Why? I love lying down on Dad..

And when Marian lie down on Dong again Zia immediately went to the stage to stop it.

She said “No Mama no!” She was so funny and cute. She’s so jealous of her Mom.