Behind the scenes of DongYan special episode of Tadhana

Dingdong Dantes went on with directing his wife Marian Rivera for the episode of Tadhana. This is the anniversary speci al of OFW-drama Tadhana hosted by Yan Yan.

GMA Entertainment releases online behind the scene photos of the couple’s taping.

Dong is the director of the episode and his wife is the leading actress.

Marian shared her thoughts about Dingdong directing her. “It feels a little weird because I’m used to having him as a partner onscreen.”

Now, he’s directing me. I am not awkward because for me, I’ll do my job. And then him, he’s doing his job. We help each other. ”

“He’s great, he arrives early. It’s a very pleasant when they get off the car, “Dong said to his “actors”

Dingdong gets early on the set because he still needs to check the staff’s set-up.

Yan greeted him by, “Hi, Direk! I’m Marian Rivera. ”

The anniversary episode of Tadhana is coming this June.