Zia asked if she can borrow the drone

In an interview a few weeks ago Marian opens up about Zia.

She said that Zia is very friendly, She smiles and greet everyone she meets. Marian said she got it from her father Dingdong Dantes.

“My daughter is very friendly, she got it from her dad” She said.

Marian also share that Zia is very polite and very obidient.“Yes she is very polite and Obidient.”

In this video taken in Balesin a week ago posted by dyzsuperfan via Istagram Zia asked to borrow a drone.

She said, “Jasper can i borrow the airplane.” She was so cute. then Mommy Marian joked “Thanks for my toy!”

Then she asked Zia if the airplaine/drone is heavy.

So adorable..