Manay Lolit has something to say..

The veteran talent manager and entertainment journalist Lolit Solis has become the middle man between many celebrities.

Being the outspoken person that she is, Manay Lolit has called out numerous bashers in the past, especially those who target the defenseless children of celebrities.

You can remember that she took a stand against bashers of the daughters of celebrities such as Zia Dantes and Scarlet Snow.

She also stood up for Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano when the former was body-shamed by bashers on Instagram.

Last Sunday, May 13, Manay Lolit again used her Instagram page to give a piece of her mind about bashers who pit Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera against each other.

This has been an ongoing feud that started since forever. They both had their own share of differences, although both declared in 2015 that they have moved on from their issues.

A lot of Heart’s fans-turned-bashers-of-Marian targeted her daughter baby Zia, even though the child had nothing to do with the issue.
Now that Heart just recently revealed she is pregnant with her first child, Manay Lolit shared that she hopes that the actress does not experience what Marian had to go through.

“Ngayon buntis na si Heart Escudero, Salve dapat na siguro maisip ng mga bashers na ‘di dapat isinasali ang mga bata sa anuman gusto nilang sabihin,” Solis started off.

“Naalala ko nun ang kawawang Zia na talagang isinali ng ilang tao sa namamagitan ‘war’ nila Marian Rivera at Heart kaya naman ang sakit-sakit ng loob ni Marian dahil pati anak ay sinasali sa mga komentong hindi naman dapat.”

Lolit said that children are innocent and should be spared from any feud or hatred each fandom of their mothers have. They have done nothing wrong and so they do not deserve to be dragged to this mess.