Daddy Dong’s Puppet show for Zia

Dingdong Dantes will do anything for his little princess Baby Zia.

He opens up about how Fatherhood change his life “Fatherhood has changed me a lot. in a sense , mas nagkaroon ng meaning, ng hugot ang buhay ko.”

He added. “Priorities definitely change once you become a father. Now it’s all about ensuring a future for my daughter , and being there for her.

“I want her to have everything and try all these that are possible,”

Mommy Marian posted this adorable clip of Daddy Dong, doing a Puppet show for Baby Zia.

While marian was cooking dinner, she was surprised to find Daddy dong doing a puppet show for Zia.

“Eh yung pagkatapos ko magluto ito ang nakita ko! May puppet show? Hahahaha tara na kakaina na!”

You can hear Marian laughing out loud.. so contagious.

It’s like a glimpse of how they are at home… full of love, happiness and joy.