Dong and Zia surprised Marian at Work

Today is Mothers Day.. Daddy Dong and Baby Zia surprisee Mommy Marian at work in Sunday Pinasaya.

Even though today is Mommies Day, Marian still needs to go to work, so Daddy Dong and Baby Zia planned a surprise for her.

While Marian went to the rooftop of GMA building to do her weekly impromptu pictorial she has no idea Dong and Zia is sneaking to her dressing room.

Before the video let’s appreciate first how gorgeous Mommy Marian is with her Outfit of the day..

So gorgeous noh?

Back to the video.. Daddy Dong and Zia sneak to Mommy Marian’s dressing room and hide in the walk in closet.

When Marian returned to the dressing room she has no idea Dong and Zia are hiding inside.

Daddy and Zia then slowly came out of the walk in closet and Zia hugged her Mom from behind.

Marian’s reaction is priceless..