“What is that noise?” – Zia

In in an interview Marian talks about Zia’s personality.

“She’s got a very good sense of humor. Very playful. She’s very active, If you take your eyes off her even for just a second, she’s everywhere.” Marian said.

She also said that just like her Zia is very bubbly. “She’s also very bubbly like me, she’s such a happy kid.”

When asked what traits she got from her dad, “The eyes, and she loves to read books just like her dad. It seems like she’s very smart too.”

In this video, The DongYan fans started to hit the glass and asked DongYan to kiss.

Zia got startled, Marian asked her if she’s ok..

Marian: Are you ok?
Zia: Mama what’s that noise?
Marian: It’s cue for kissing.

She’s so adorable..