Zia ask where is her baby shark

We all know Zia love Baby shark dance.. She knows how to dance it and she dance it all the time. It’s one of her favorite.

Even her Mom and Dad know how to dance it because she always watch it that they memorized it too.

Before DongYanatics anniversary party, a DongYan fan gave Zia a shark stuff toy. She gavr it to Mairan during Sunday Pinasaya.

Zia loves it so much. And when they attended the party she was looking for her shark.

Zia to her Yaya: Ate where is my shark?
Yaya: I don’t know..

Then Zia went to her Mama and ask her..

Zia: Mama! Mama! Mama!
Marian: Ano yung anak?
Zia: Where is my shark?
Marian: in the house..

Then Marian ask the fans..

Zia: Sinong nagbigay nung shark kanina? Sabi niya (Zia) “I have baby shark!” Baby talaga yun? Ang laki!