Marian’s epic dance number at Sunday Pinasaya

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera had an amazing dance number at Sunday Pinasaya last week.

At 33 Marian still got it. We all know Marian love to dance, and before she got married and had a baby Marian had a weekly dance show on GMA called ‘Marian.’

She stop dancing when she got preganant and after giving birth it’s been awhile before she goes back to dancing.

But last week Marian had a dance production number. Watch below..

In other news, there are rumors Dingdong has come out to join the congressional race in District 2 of Quezon City. If it’s the case, people would have been mistaken that the Kapuso Primetime King wants to be a Senator.

According to news, Dingdong went to a barangay in QC to express his wish to run.

Just wait for him to file his COC because he is the only one who knows what his plan really is.

But looks like it is something that is a sure things. Dingdong will run for public office. Finally.