Dantes Family full version of budots

Recently, Marian was asked about their plans on having baby number 2.

Both Dingdong and Marian express their desire to give Zia a sibling wether it’s a boy or a girl.

Marian said “Dingdong and I have talked about it and we decided that we will go on with our respective projects.”

“if God’s will that we have another baby, that’s the time when I will take things slowly. But now, we have Zia and we’re very happy. If He gives us another baby, we will be very happy. But while there is none yet, our lives will go on.” She said.

Here is another version of The Dantes Family budots dance.

As they get ready to dance Marian said to Zia “Anak yoi follow me ha” then she points at Dingdong and said “You follow me..” then top Zia “You follow me.” Before striking a pose.

Zia’s reaction is so funny… watch here.