Interview with Marian’s coach

Everyone might have noticed that Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is the newest #FitSpiration and #StrongGoals in town.

Part of her success is thanks to her Crossfit coach, Coach Antonio Sietereales. Crossfit is a type of workout that includes weightlifting, body weight exercises and other high intensity workout.

In an interview, Coach Anton shared that his program for Marian doesn’t focus on a specific body part because they cover everything.

He also shared that Marian is a very family-oriented person and that’s what motivates her. She wants to be strong in life; that’s our primary goal. Looking good is just a bonus.

Coach Anton also shared that Marian has washboard abs because she loves core workouts! According to him, “She’s a petite girl with a really strong core foundation. She’s great at gymnastic movements (like ring workouts), and she loves doing burpees!”

And Coach shared that Marian doesn’t seem to hate any workout because she’s always smiling while working out.

And Marian’s ultimate secret?

Coach said the Queen really eats clean. “She loves fish! And most of the time, she cooks her own food. I really just tell her to stay away from sugar because, as we all know, it’s the enemy.”said Coach.