Zia singing Skidamarink

Last Sunday, The Official DongYanatics celebrated their 10th year anniversary. Their official anniversary date is February 18, 2008.

Dingdong, Marian and Zia attendes the event held at Discovery Primea in Makati.

Zia already stole the fans heart when she was born, but last sunday is a different kind of High.

For most of the fans it was their first time to see and meet Zia in person, as fans it is a dream. And last sunday, their dreams come true.

It was probably the happiest day of a DongYan fan life.

Zia had a mini concert for an hour. What a little entertainer and bundle of joy. If i remember it right she sang a total of 8 songs.

She love singsing once she started singing she just kept on singing.

Here is one of the songs she sang skidamarink.

We have a lot.. as in a lot more to upload. So please bear with us. We captured as much moments as we can for you guys.