Baby Zia sings “May Tatlong Bibe”

Dingdong and Marian’s first ever fansclub The Official DongYanatics celebrated their 10th year anniversary last sunday.

It was held in a 5 star hotel in Makati, Discovery Primea. Dingdong and Marian surprised the fans when they arrived with baby Maria Letizia.

The fans were very excited to see Zia in person, most of them only got to see Zia in pictures. So seeing her in real life is very surreal and truly a very memorable one.

The Dantes Family pose for a Family Photo. And Zia got so excited when she saw the banner with their photos. She point to it to her Mom and Dad.

Zia had a mini concert, she is so smart and so bibo. One of the songs she sang is “May tatlong bibe.”

She is so amazing, at 2 years old she already memorized a lot of songs. She knows how to sing them and she knows how to dance them.

We have more videos to share.. stay tune!