Zia’s hilarious reaction to mango juice

The Dantes Family is currently in Saint Paul de Vence France.

Saint Paul De Vence is located in southern france. It is one of thw oldest medieval towns in france. It is popular for its contemporary and modern art museum.

Daddy Dong said Marian and Zia enjoy strolling around the old city and he shared some awesome art he found.

Dong also posted this photo showcasing his watch..

“To make travel-packing more efficient, I
make sure to bring a time piece that is both reliable and functional. For this trip, I chose the CREUX “SHADOW”. I like its sporty design, its light weight, and most of all it comes in black!”

Dong also posted this hilarious video of Maria Letizia’s different facial expressions and reactions to mango juice.

We can’t get enough of this, she taste the mango juice twice before deciding of it’s good or not.

She is the best and the cutest food critic ever!