Why Marian truly has a heart of gold

Many people have been blinded by their journey to fame and have forgotten to look back. Same is the case for Marian Rivera as she has taken the lessons she learned as a child and kept them in her heart. And now, she is using them to help the less fortunate.

In case you were living under a rock, Marian Rivera grew up in the care of her grandmother as her sole guardian after her parents went their separate ways and her mother went abroad. Lola Iska led by example and now Marian has two main advocacies: Smile Train which performs cleft palate operations on children, and another one dedicated to helping disabled women land jobs.

In 2014, Marian was chosen as the ambassador for Women and Children with Disabilities. The distinction was hailed to her by two House panels, namely the House Committee on Women and Gender Equity headed by Rep. Linabelle Ruth Villarica of Bulacan, and the House Committee on Social Services led by Rep. Arturo Robes of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

Marian shares that it is her grandmother who made her aware to the real situation of the less fortunate.

“That awareness starts at home. Even when I was young, I saw how my lola had a heart for the less fortunate. As much as you can help them, even in the small ways, you really seek out to help. If you do it for them, there is no big or small gesture. What’s important is that you have given them importance and concern even when you don’t know them.” She shared.

After she and husband Kapuso King Dingdong Dantes became parents to daughter Zia, Marian has become a breastfeeding advocate. She will feed her daughter wherever they may be, only making sure she has a protective cloth or shawl to cover herself.

“When we talk about my daughter, I don’t think about anything else. When she’s hungry, I cant say “Hang on, you can’t be hungry here. You can’t depend your child’s nutrition there.”
Obviously, Marian is also someone many people look up to.

“As an actress, I am responsible for the youth because whatever they see, they will mimic. I want to be a good example in being a mother and in the eyes of those who are young.”

The lessons she learned as a kid is still very much alive in her. Every little thing that her grandmother taught her is kept alive in her actions and good deeds. She also always knows that everything happens for a reason.

It would have probably surprised and confused Marian when her parents went on with their separate ways.

“My grandmother said ‘You know my child, you will not be successful in life if you are angry with your parents. So, you have to let that go. You have to pray and give thanks.”

And it seems that her grandmother is right. Marian has an amazing career, a husband who loves her and a daughter who looks up to her. Marian listed three of her biggest achievements so far: Being able to help her family, taking an active role in her advocacies and giving birth to a healthy baby girl.

“These things are ones you cannot fake. If you have these things, and you are steadfast, it is sure that you will be happy 100%. And you cannot fake being happy.”