Lolit Solis’ Message to Marian and other Celebrity Moms

The showbiz reporter Lolit Solis has a message for celebrity moms Marian Rivera, Pauleen Luna and Dra. Vicki Belo and she shared it with her Instagram post.

“You know Salve, working moms like Marian Rivera, Pauleen Luna and Dr. Vicki Belo are very lucky. Even if they have a job, they are given the opportunity to see personally the first things their babies do.”

Manay Lolit added, “Marian is thrilled when she tells the first step and first word that Zia said. Dra. Vicki is happy and said she had stories about lessons learned by Scarlet at school. Pauleen was so excited that Tali is being carried by her daddy and to me she looks like half a rice sack because she’s so fat.”

“And it’s fun to see that they are talking while Tali was just mumbling. Those magical moments are difficult to repeat, and the mothers who witnessed it with their child is very lucky. Babies really are miracles from the Lord, and as you see them growing up you will believe in miracles.”

Lolit also said she wish to witness Zia, Tali and Scarlet Snow grow up to be lovely ladies.

“Imagine, they are slowly walking, starting to speak straight, from being a baby. Good that working mothers like Marian, Pauleen and Dra. Vicki had time to see it. And you will find happiness in these children knowing that there are their mothers around them. Well, I just want to see the girls Scarlet, Tali and Zia, when they grow up.”