Dantes Family is now in france

The Dantes Family left the netherlands yesterday and now in the 2nd leg of their grand european tour.

They are now in france, Dingdong and Marian shared some photos of their first day in france.

Dingdong also thanked, GMA on his post for allowing them to have 2 weeka off from work to have their much needed vacation and family bonding.


He wrote, “I am grateful for this short vacation. It is has been giving us the much-needed quality time with family, some quiet time for school readings, and literally,
a bunch of relaxing moments against these ancient walls of Europe.Salamat sa GMA Network pinayagan kaming tumambay muna…”

Here is Daddy Don helping Zia to color.. so sweet.

Mommy Marian and Zia doing the AyMayDagaPose in France..

Mommy Marian rocking her rockstar look in france.

Wearinf Kultura shirt in france..

Stay tune for more!