Can you see Zia playing and jumping in the background?

The Dantes Family is on the 2nd leg of their european tour, they are now in france. They stayed 3 days at the netherlands, before flying to france.

We heard that The Dantes Family will be touring a couple of european countries. One for sure is portugal since her designer friend Jao commented to her post that he will see them very soon.

Zia who loves to travel just like her parents are having a blast in europe. And we thanked Dingdong and Marian for sharing photos of their trip.

Dingdong thanked GMA network for letting them to have 2 weeks off and have a family vacation.

Dingdong and Marian shared a couple of clips of their first day in france. One is we can see Zia playing and jumping in the background.

And the 2 wine ans a bottle of milk in the table.. the 2 wines are obviously for Daddy and Mommy and the bottle of milk is for the little princess. So cute!