Women are in awe of Marian’s sexy body

Some celebrities find it unbelievable and have been express their admiration for Kapuso Queen Marian Rivera’s beauty.

She managed to keep her tiny waistline because she had time to workout and kept committed to her diet. Even if she likes to eat, and considering she endorses food products, she is still cautious about eating.

Marian recently renewed her contract with Mega Prime Quality and showed the Kapuso Primetime Queen shared her delicacies and her unique mix or recipe in preparing dishes, using Mega Prime Quality canned vegetables.

Now that the summer is fast approaching, Marian has a special recipe with Mega Prime Quality ingredients.

Marian also shared that her favorite food depends on her mood and the weather. If it’s a little cold, she likes to savor some mushroom soup because she loves eating soup.

If it’s a little hot, she likes to enjoy mais con yelo with her family to cool off a little bit.