“Gagawin ko lahat para sa anak ko” – Marian

Super hot momma and Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera says she doesn’t give a damn about how her body looks like after breastfeeding Zia.

Marian is a known breastfeeding advocate and she has been promoting the acceptance of public breastfeeding.

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She once shared that no matter where she is, or no matter what is happening, if her daughter gets hungry, she will be more than willing to breastfeed her.

Marian had just stopped breastfeeding after 2.5 years. She said that for one year, as much as she could, she breastfed Zia. The Kapuso actress is also very stern in saying that she doesn’t mind whatever may happen to her body.

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Even if breastfeeding would cause her boobs to sag or her nipples to grow big, it’s alright. It doesn’t matter and she will still give it to Zia. She shared that it is her body and she choose to give or sacrifice her figure for her daughter.

According to Marian, she is very hands-on with Zia. She gave her breastfeeding for a long time and she would be happy to do it again. But now that Zia is three years old, she has stopped breastfeeding because it might no longer be safe for Zia.

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Studies have shown that breastfeeding increases the chance of children to be more talented and academically excellent.