Daddy and Zia loves Mommy’s Sopas


Mommy Marian cooked a special macaroni soup(sopas) for Daddy Dong and Baby Zia and they love it ofcourse.

The Dantes Family will be leaving soon for their long vacation to europe. They need energy because it’s going to be a very long travel time.

Mommy Yan posted that she is cooking something she hashtag it #LutoNiYan.

Zia tasted it first, and she gave it a thumbs up with a bright smile! She loves it!

Marian posted this photo with the caption,”Ayun! Pasado sa anak ko!”

Daddy Dong finished his bowl to the bits, he also gave it a thumbs up!

Marian posted with the caption, “At pasado din sa asawa ko ng bonggang bongga!”

I’m sure they will have the energy they need for the trip!

Have a safe trip Dantes Family!