Marian on heart “Wala din akong problema sa kanya since day one, to be honest.”

Marian Rivera signed a contract renewal to Mega Prime last week. A product she endorse.

Mega Prime excutives shared that their sales doubled after getting Marian as their endorser. They ate very thankful that Marian renewed her contract to them.

Marian said she personally use and eat everything that she endorse.

The Press also got to talk to her after the signing, Marian was asked about Karylle and Heart Evangelista.

What can you say about Karylle when you met her, Karylle said you are beautiful.

“Wow thats an out of the box question, hahaha. As I have said before, its never been a problem since day one. We are okay and we are not going to fake our gestures and conversation when we saw eachother. Past is past my guys, its been 11 years.” Marian said.

Will it be the same for Heart (Evangelista)? “Since day one I also dont have any problem with her to be honest, and you dont hear anything about her from me. I dont know about her though.”

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