Zia and Ate Ehlla at the Ayala Mind Museum

As you may remember last 2 weeks ago, Scarlett Snow celebrated her 3rd birthday at the Ayala Mind Museum.

Zia attended the party and fell in love with the Mind Museum and the activities she got to do there.

Earlier today she asked her Momma Marian if they could visit there again. So Marian took her back to he Mind Museum with Ate Ehlla.

If you are wondering who is “Ate Ehlla”, Ehlla is Marian’s “Pamangkin sa Pinsan.” She is the daughter of Marian’s counsin.

Zia is very close to her, they often play together. Ehlla is also very close to Marian.

Here are Ehlla and Zia in the mind museum. They are so cute.

Daddy Dong, Mommy Marian and Baby Zia is set to leave for their grand vacation to europe this holy week.

Where do you think they are going?