What is Marian’s number one beauty essential?

The one and only Kapuso primetime queen Marian Rivera is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful faces on print, TV and movies.

She has garnered lots and lots of admirers because her beauty is just absolutely perfect and timeless.

However, as a celebrity, she also lives a busy life and it is a challenge to keep up with makeup and other beauty regimen.

When she’s on the go and has no time to call her glam team to do her makeup, she only needs one thing to add to that already perfect bare face and make her ready for the camera.

“I just need one, a lip balm”, Marian shared in a recent press conference.

It’s the tiny lip balm that makes her glow no matter how busy she is. But she also shared that more than that, it’s a happy disposition that keeps her glowing. A happy heart is a beautiful face.

And recently, she is ever glowing because of her family especially her daughter Zia who now asks for a little playmate courtesy of mom and dad.

According to reports, the former Super Ma’am frontliner is preparing herself for baby number 2.

In fact a big part of her work out routine is influenced by her desire to conceive another child. She has taken much needed breaks for her and Dong to be able to conceive baby number 2.