Marian on why Zia does not have any official Social Media Account

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes renewed her contract to as the endorser of Mega Prime products.

In an interview, Marian opens up about Zia not having an official Social Media account. She said that the social media account named after Zia are just fan pages.

When asked who is managing the social media accounts of Zia marian answers, “Walang social media account si Zia, fan page lang.”

When asked what is their policy on posting photos of Zia on social media Marian said, “Wala naman kaming policy kay Zia, gusto namin authentic eh. Pag naramdaman lang namin ay ang cute niya dito.. pag wala wala.”

But Marian said, when Zia grows up and she wants to have social media they will support her.

“Paglaki niya at gusto niya.. susuportahan namin siya.” She said.

Marian also admits that she rarely post Zia on social media, and she’s very protective when it comes on posting Zia on Social Media.

In other news, Kapuso Primetime King, Dingdong Dantes, again studied at the University of the Philippines. While he was in Japan, shooting for Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story) with Anne Curtis, Dingdong posted a picture that showed he was reviewing the course book of Public Management 201: Theory and Practice of course Public Administration.

He also shared that he’s reading for the second semester, meaning that the actor has finished the first semester.

The actor clarified that he is enrolled in a Master’s Degree. According to him, he is in Open University at U.P. Compared to the impression that it’s a short course, he now takes on a masters’ degree.

He is enrolled in Masteral of Public Management at the University of the Philippines-Open University, Faculty of Management and Development Studies.

In Dingdong’s post, he said coffee and hard copies were more effective than tablets.
“Same formula that has helped me survive being a working student from 1998-2004, with literally a long break in between. Now, here I am again, trying to make the most out of this opportunity because I know I’m always a work in progress. ”

Dingdong was of course teased that he would be more inclined to go into politics because of the course he chose to master. Dingdong said to us, “Hahaha! Can I not have it for Yes Pinoy? ”

Anyway, Dingdong and Marian Rivera have been overly sweet. Just a few days apart, and they seemed to have missed each other. Marian commented on his post that she missed her. Dingdong answered her, “I’m going to be tomorrow!”

So, Dong has coffee plus hard copies plus Marian is really a formula for learning!