Baby Zia’s saturdate with Mommy and Ate Ela

Our little princess Maria Letizia Dantes went on a saturdate with her gorgeous Momma and her favorite cousin Ate Ela.

The 3 of them went to to Zia’s favorite place,the one with the big slide.

While Daddy Dong is still in Japan for the shooting of her Movie Sid and Aya with Anne Curtis, Ate Ela will accompany Zia and Mommy Marian for now.

Look at their adorable pose..

They went on a date yesterday as well after Lola Inkang’s birthday celebration, Zia, Mommy Marian and ate ela are spotted in Powerplant mall.

Here is Zia, Mommy Marian and Ate Ela earlier sliding down the big slide.. it went quite fast!

But they love it, look at Zia’s smile.. so adorable.

Daddy Dong will arrive from japan tomorrow.

Welcome back Daddy Dong!